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All Weather Anti Slip Bolt Down Plates


Heskins anti slip bolt down plates are manufactured to be applied in wet or loose, unsuitable areas for non slip tape, they can be fixed down using nails, screws or clips.

Our anti slip bolt down plates are made from 1.6mm weatherproof aluminium, with an anti slip surface applied on to the top, which covers about 90% of the area. They will not tarnish in foul weather, though for areas where they maybe exposed to salt water, our bolt down plates can be manufactured from stainless steel if you prefer.

The standard sizes we stock are 115mm x 635mm, and we have also started mass-producing L-shaped anti slip bolt down plates in the size of 120mmx45mmx635mm due to demand, these are perfect for steps on stairways. Like all of our other products, we can specifically manufacture them to your requirements in any shape and size, with any non slip coating of your choice applied on the top surface. We finish all our plates with six countersunk holes for the flat, 8 for the L-shape, and rounded corners for a more aesthetic appeal. For fixings, we can supply wood screws free of charge, so please enquire about these upon making your order.

For more information, or to make specific orders or enquiries about custom sized and shaped anti slip bolt down plates, you can either contact us through the site, or call our sales team on 01254 832266

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