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Anti Slip Fire Exit Marker

Blocked fire exits are a huge concern for businesses, as sometimes fire exits are not highlighted properly, and this results in doors being blocked with boxes and other objects. When the risk of fire does become reality, this can cause massive problems for all involved.

Heskins created the anti slip fire exit marker to offer a solution to this problem. Large, prominent signs to ensure there is no mistaking exactly where a fire exit is, with an anti slip surface to ensure no trouble when exiting.

Past application used to involve stenciling, painting and drying times, Heskins fire exit markers are a one piece, adhesive backed roll, that will take minutes to apply, and is ready for use as soon as it is down.

They are available off the shelf in sizes of 1m x 1m and 1m x 1.5m, these sizes will cover both single and double door exits.

Heskins H3416 anti slip fire exit markers come with 'Fire Exit' and 'Keep Clear' printed on to them, complete with yellow and black chevrons to mark the area. All this is finished with an aluminium oxide grit and a strong permanent adhesive.

For more information on our anti slip fire exit markers and anti slip tapes, contact us via email, phone, or the contact form on the site.

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