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Handrail Anti slip grip tape

" The UK building regulations act 2000 ( Mk1 & Mk2 ) now enforces that anti slip handrail grip is now an essential commodity in the modern workplace or public environment, stating that handrails need to be ‘slip resistant and not cold to the touch’. "

We saw this as an opportunity to create a new unique product that holds the solution to this requirement.

Our specialist knowledge has been gained over years and years of research and experience. As with the idea of handrail covers having excellent levels of grip and anti slip tape qualities, we first focused on the material attaining this. We could have used the materials we had already developed, that being our safety grip tape range, but due to it being a rather abrasive material, decided against it due to the fact it would not offer much comfort to bare hands.

From this we decided to start from scratch and develop a completely new product, something that was not available or seen anywhere else, a symmetrically embossed anti slip tape surface. From this, our H3418 was created.

We decided to go with the idea of a symmetrically embossed surface for the H3418 as not only would it be aesthetically appealing, it would also possess the high levels of coefficient of friction required. The dimpled surface offers something different, as for an industrial application it offers the possibility that all existing requirements are met in a non slip sense, as all our products carry their own independent coefficient of friction figures.

While aesthetic appearance is no way a major requirement in the industrial sector, it does lend to have an attractive product in the public sector, something H3418 is without taking away any anti slip properties whatsoever.

Our next challenge was to ensure we had created a material with insulating qualities, so it is at least not too cold to the touch. To achieve this we chose to construct the material from a plastic film upper, as it works as a fantastic insulator preventing low temperatures affecting the hand of the user. To ensure this and essentially add another level of defence, we added a laminated under surface of PET.

Like most of our non-abrasive materials, it can be cleaned using all available methods, and will not harbour bacteria. The material will not perish through constant cleaning.

Best Handrail Grip in UK

To date there is no material like this available that has the same effect that H3518 does as an anti slip handrail grip surface, and this is why we are one of the leading manufacturers in the field, as yet again we have not simply modified an existing product, yet created a unique material from scratch, adding another new and interesting line to non slip products.

You can wrap H3418 around a handrail in either and angled appliqué or we can cut it to width allowing a custom wrap to be made for specific handrails. For more information, or to request samples of our H3418 anti slip handrail grip materials, you can contact us using the contact form on the site, or give us a call on 01254 832266


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