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Anti slip and flooring tape Ancillaries

Ancillaries are available to aid you in the application of your anti slip tape and flooring, and not only that, they increase the already exceptional durability of the application.

Resellers can take full advantage of the branding service we offer on ancillaries, as on the statutory warning label, your company name and logo can be applied.

IPA Cleaner


IPA Cleaner effectively prepares a surface for anti slip tape and flooring to be applied to. It does this by removing the surface of any contaminents such as grease and grit, allowing the adhesive to fully bond with the surface. It evaporates leaving a residue-free area unlike petrol and methylated spirits. The 1 litre bottle will last a long time, as very little is needed for cleaning large areas.


Download the IPA Cleaner MSDS Data Sheet


Edge Fix


Use edge fix along the edges of your applied anti slip tape or flooring to prevent edge lift in high traffic areas. This is supplied in a tube with a thin nozzle, allowing a small amount to run through onto the edges of the non slip surface, prolonging the durability furthermore and to fully seal it. Available in 140ml, this will cover 35 linear metres, though if you require more, we can offer automated pressure pot systems, so to apply the edge fix with production line speed, and only requires a compressed airline to be available. Heskins can supply the pot chamber and applicator which will create large material cost savings from replacing the 140ml tubes. Only enough is required to touch the edge of the anti slip tape and floor to create an effective bond.


Download the Edge Fix MSDS Data Sheet


Surface Primer

Surface Primer

Due to some surfaces being porous ( such as wood, concrete ), the adhesive will not bond to the surface as well. To remedy this, use Heskins surface primer prior to application, as not only will this seal the surface preventing moisture from creeping underneath, it will also create a surface excellent for bonding the anti slip tape and flooring to. Regular 1 litre tins will cover a surface area of 5m², the surface primer is easy to apply as it is simply brushed on using a normal paint brush. For larger area applications we can supply 5 litre and 25 litre tins which can offer sufficient savings on costs.


Download the Surface Primer MSDS Data Sheet


Rubber Mallet


Our conformable anti slip tape requires some gentle persuasion to be efficiently fitted, this is where a rubber mallet comes in, as this allows the tape to be properly adhered to the surface without damaging the material, or making you put too much effort into properly applying it.


Seam Roller

Seam rollers at first sight don't look to be much use to the application of anti slip tape, but in fact they can sometimes be a necessary commodity!! Seam rollers allow the most efficient application by removing air pockets from beneath the anti slip material that has just been applied. Doing this will ensure that the material is as flush with the contact surface and prevent a possibility of tears being created in the surface. Use seam rollers down the edges of the material before appying our edge fix ( see above ) to maximise application of efficiency and prevent edge lift.


If you require MSDS data for any of our ancillaries, you can download a PDF from this page, or if you're unable to download, you can either contact us through the website, or call the sales team on 01254 832266

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