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Anti Slip Tape Grades

We manufacture a range of anti slip and non slip tape grit grades to cater for a plethora of applications, from skateboards, to construction sites. We offer a wide selection of top grade Amnti Slip tapes, keeping intact with all top quality standards. You can browse our website and find more on our latest Anti slip Tapes and Non slip Tapes fabrics collection.



As it says, our standard anti slip tape, for skateboards, building stairways and walkways, to outside applications in city centres.


Perfect for high traffic areas that can be exposed to impurities such as grease.

HG Extra Coarse

HG Extra coarse is for the most extreme conditions, such as snow and ice, and is very useful to be applied in outside areas in countries that are in the snow most of the year, or apply in the winter season for extra peace of mind.

To find out more about anti slip tape grades, you can either contact us through the website, or give the sales team a call on 01254 832266

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