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Aqua Safe Non Abrasive Anti Slip Tape

The Heskins aqua-safe marine tape is a very unique product in terms of it's coating, which ensures an effective non abrasive, anti slip surface, yet is also a smoother surface to allow walking on with bare feet as the surface is not abrasive, so wont cause damage to skin, material or wet suits.

It has for years been a challenge to create a non slip surface for wet or marine environments, but with Heskins aqua safe you can obtain a good, non abrasive, non slip surface.

It also lacks peaks and valleys on the surface, so will not harbor bacteria, making it an effective non slip surface for places such as kitchens and hospitals.

We can supply in many formats including shapes and rolls.

To obtain further information, you can contact us through this site, or call our sales team on 01254 832266

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