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Conformable Anti Slip Tape

Conformable anti slip tape is a clever material here at Heskins, where our other non slip materials usually have a plastic backing, conformable tape has an aluminium foil backing, which carries no inherent memory, so when it is applied to uneven surfaces, such us durbar tread and chequer plate, it will 'conform' to the irregularities, and stay there, so there will be no edge lift. Application with a rubber mallet and using edge fix round the edges will increase the durability of this non slip tape further still!

We do stock industry specified colours, black, yellow and black/yellow hazard, but can produce any colours in PantoneĀ® or RAL on request. Conformable anti slip tape consists of a soft aluminium backing topped with a thick coating of aluminium oxide grit, making it's coefficient of friction very high. Due to the backing being aluminium foil, and not the regular plastic of some of our other non slip surfaces, through testing it has been discovered that this material is also flame retardant, giving it quite a high standard in certain Civil Aviation Authority specifications for burn testing.

We can manufacture this anti slip conformable tape in rolls or die cut sheets produced to your specifications.

Please see our video on the application of conformable anti slip tape

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