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Glow in the Dark Traction Tape

glow in the dark hazard anti slip tape

Heskins glow in the dark materials are revolutionary in health and safety applications in the workplace, and even in the home. The non-toxic material, which is also free from radioactive materials, has photons in that absorb either natural or artificial light ( approx two hours on first charge ), and in a lights out situation emit the energy in a bright green glow that is useful for highlighting walkways, stairways, or hazardous steps or ledges.

glow in the dark photoluminescent egress tape

Glow in the dark striped tape

We incorporate this in many ways, through our permastripe aisle marking tape range, our anti slip tape and flooring products, and also with our glow in the dark photoluminescent egress tape, which is a smooth tape, that can be used as floor tape, or indicator for danger. Our glow in the dark anti slip tape is a multi-purpose material for this, as, as well as being an anti slip surface, it also has photoluminescent properties, especially none more so than our glow in the dark striped anti slip tape, which is a black anti slip surface, with a glow in the dark stripe running through the middle.

glow in the dark anti slip stripe

All these materials can be produced into rolls, die cut pieces, and our glow in the dark anti slip tape can be made into anti slip bolt down plates.


To enquire further on our glow in the dark tape, you can either contact us through the site, or call our sales team on 01254 832266

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