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H3435 Ribbed Rubber Type Anti Slip Tape

After the success of our H3418 handrail grip tape, we decided to look at other ways of creating efficient anti slip materials that were also aesthetically pleasing, and after months of researching, we came up with our H3435 ribbed rubber type material.

Once the decision that a 'ribbed' finish would create a great anti slip surface, and also a great solution for drainage in some areas, we had to decide on the best material to use for this product. Rubber has great anti slip qualities, but the only problem with it, is its finishing consistency, which when you want every product to be identical, was not a viable material to use. We decided to use a plastic film. While we didn't want the inconsistencies of rubber, the anti slip qualities were definitely an important aspect which we wanted to utilise, and we could, by altering the plastic film surface we achieved the feeling and grip qualities of rubber, but with better consistencies, a technological advancement in material manipulation in our market.

We offer this material in rolls, sheets or die cuts. Please remember though due to the construction of the material, the ribs will always run the length of a roll, never across.

For more information on our H3435 ribbed rubber type anti slip tape, please contact us by phone, email, or the contact us form on the site.

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