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H4643 Non Slip FabricAfter being a general product in our stocks for many years, we have finally focused on it and made non slip fabric a more refined product, and increased the range available.

In our non slip fabric range, we now have H4643, which is a beige non-adhesive, waterproof fabric mesh, and H4644, which is an adhesive version of the H4643.

All these anti slip fabrics are very versatile, you can use them for extra grip surfaces on shelves, areas on boats, under rugs, in the car, and can be used as tray liners, a non slip surface for tables... there is a lot you can do with non slip fabric!

As with all our materials, our non slip fabric can be offered in sheets or rolls, with different colour choices made by request ( dependant on quantity ). Our vast array of production conversion machines means we can cater to your specifications!

To find out more about our non slip fabric, you can either contact us through the site, or give our sales team a call on 01254 832266

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