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Permastripe® Aisle Marking Tape

Permastripe® is a cost effective and viable alternative to durastripe, and can be applied instantly in any environment, making it possibly the most efficient aisle marking tape in the world. It is an extremely long lasting, effective aisle marking tape, and also carries a 2 year warranty.
It has extreme temperature resistance, with the ability to perform down to -45°C, which is great for cold storage.

Permastripe® has a self adhesive coating on the back, which means it can be applied instantly with no contaminents and gives off no fumes, which in turn reduces work downtime if work needs to be stopped for application. Application is very simple, just peel back the plastic backing and stick down with hand pressure, and you're done. For larger areas you can purchase or hire a line marking applicator ( more info can be obtained from the Permastripe® website ), which is easy to set up and makes applying our material to large areas a lot quicker.

For information on the assembly and setup of our Permastripe® line marking applicator, and the application of our floor marking tape, please see the video below:

Like all the products we manufacture, we can produce Permastripe® aisle marking tape to your exact specifications.

PermaStripe® Aisle Marking System 2 Year Warranty

The warranty does not cover items being dragged, pushed, pulled or scraped across things such as pallets or transit skids. Warranty claims are only limited to replacement of PermaStripe®. The Heskins warranty for PermaStripe® is conditionally warranted for 2 years from the date of product purchase.

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