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Printed Anti Slip Warning Tape

Production values for printed anti slip tape made small orders pretty difficult to achieve, but due to having many requests for the same if not similar items, we have decided to produce the most popular requests for off the shelf general sale.

Printed anti slip warning tapes provide many solutions, in a single roll, an anti slip surface and a visible warning in vibrant colours.

Our most common request was 'ATTENTION - DANGER', so we duly obliged by creating a batch of the material for instant availability. This particular product is extremely useful for stair nosings, loading docks and walkway edges.


We have also recently introduced a french variant as well, 'SEUIL DE DISCRETION'.

The text is printed in black on to a yellow anti slip tape, which is self adhesive and measures 75mm x 18.3m, with the text repeated at regular intervals along the tape.

Bespoke options are still available, and dependent on order quantity, we can cater for your needs specifically.


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