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Removable Anti Slip Tape

Removable anti slip tape is now available off-the-shelf, where it was previously only made to order.

Highly suitable for areas that need a temporary anti slip surface, most notably places where the aesthetics need to be preserved, as it holds down fast, yet can be easily removed and leaves no residue.

removable-anti-slip-tapeOur regular non slip flooring tape carries some of the most powerful adhesive known. We used this as a base, but altered it's chemical structure, so it does not cure, allowing a clean and easy removal when it's purpose has been served.

The abrasive is surface is finished with the same material as our regular anti slip tape, aluminium oxide grit, so to ensure a hard wearing surface, with no chance of failure.

Removable anti slip tape is available in black, yellow or black and yellow hazard. We can however, match to any Pantone or RAL reference depending on order quantity.

Removable anti slip tape is perfect for areas that need a temporary, increased safety solution such as markets, weddings, promotional events and concerts.


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