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Skateboard Griptape


Griptape Skateboard

We have spent quite some time researching skateboard grip tape, and we now feel we have a product worthy to present you with, and then some.

We now manufacture various types of skateboard grip tape in our factory, from standard grip tape material, to aerated and perforated for easier application. We stock a lot of the material for same day dispatch to any location.

As it is manufactured with the same materials and methods as our anti slip tape, it has a quality and durability of the highest order, and meets DDA standards ( Disability Discrimination Act ), and document 'M' of building regulations, meaning a rather grippy griptape!

We stock many colours, but as with all of our non slip flooring tape, the colour choices are pretty endless.

Please see our video on applying skateboard grip tape.


To obtain more information on our skateboard griptape, you can either contact us through the site, or call our sales team on 01254 832266

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